Back to the Beach (Hunt Family #4)

by Brooke St. James

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Back to the Beach by Brooke St. James
Having a crush on someone who barely seems to notice you is never easy. It only leads to heartbreak and disappointment. Mia Hunt occasionally found herself in that very situation. Fortunately, her dream guy lived all the way across the country and their encounters were rare. When they were in each other's presence, she made every effort to keep her distance and not get her hopes up.

It seemed things wouldn't work out that way this time, though. This time, Nico Torres had plans to spend a week on vacation with the Hunt family at their Myrtle Beach home, and Mia feared there'd be no escaping him. After their first encounter that week, she wasn't so sure she wanted to escape.

She just hoped she could survive the trip without falling for him all over again. The last thing she needed, after all, was another broken heart.

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Back to the Beach by Brooke St. James