Bear in the Rough (Broken Hill Bears #1)

by Ariana Hawkes

4.13 · 8 ratings · Published: May 12th, 2016  | 

Bear in the Rough by Ariana Hawkes
New world. New clan. Sexy new bunch of rough and tumble shifters. Are you ready for the Broken Hill Bears to fight for your heart?

*** Full-length standalone novel ***

Returning military hero Xander Silvester is the new Alpha of the Broken Hill Bears – an infamous wrestling clan. But not everyone’s happy with his father’s choice, least of all his older brother Maximus, who believes he’s been cheated out of his rightful place. Xander is hellbent on proving himself, but when his clan accidentally kidnaps three human females, he’s left with a terrible dilemma that threatens his leadership – especially when one of the women is sexy, feisty and hates as much as she wants him. Xander is torn between what his heart wants and what’s best for the Broken Hill Bears.

Freya Wright is hiking the entire west coast of the USA with two close friends, hoping that the challenge will help her find the inner peace she’s lacked ever since her father abandoned her as a child. Instead she finds herself kidnapped by the terrifying bear wrestlers and told they can never leave. She’s determined to fight it every step of the way, but resisting the muscle-bound Alpha with the smoldering dark eyes proves to be her biggest challenge of all. The longer she’s held captive, the more she sees in the charismatic and powerful Xander. Now, it’s up to Freya to decide where she really belongs. Will she run like hell from Broken Hill, or will she choose a life with a bear in the rough?  

This is a 55,000-word novel (around 275 standard pages)

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Bear in the Rough by Ariana Hawkes