Nice And Rough

by Lucia Jordan

3.63 · 8 ratings · Published: May 9th, 2016  | 

Nice And Rough by Lucia Jordan
Nice and Rough is the hottest new contemporary romance from bestselling author Lucia Jordan!

Grace Bancroft’s life is comfortable…comfortable and boring. Being the daughter of a southern governor affords her all the privileges and restrictions she could imagine. Not to mention that her love life is utterly non-existent.

But when her father comes under threat from a mysterious enemy, Grace’s boring life is turned on its head. She is thrust into confined quarters with two men she’s never met before. Two men from a vastly different, vastly more exciting walk of life. Two men who are utterly irresistible.

When the three of them are forced to live in the same house, tempers flare and passions ignite. Suddenly, Grace finds herself in the middle of something that she’d only read about in romance novels. But Grace’s life is not a romance novel, and there’s a reason she has always lived the quiet life before. With great passion comes great risk…and sometimes also great suffering. Is Grace ready to confront the perils of an exciting adventure?

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Nice And Rough by Lucia Jordan