Senn by Lane Hart

Senn (Cocky Cage Fighter #5)

by Lane Hart

4.50 ·
[?] · 10 ratings · Published: 25 Jun 2016

Senn by Lane Hart
The woman is pure evil.
Tiny, sexy, manipulative evil.
I can’t even blame my stupidity on alcohol. There was only half a beer in my bloodstream when I agreed to get into that cab with her.
Why didn’t I just drive us? Because when I asked her, “My place or yours?” her answer was, “In the backseat of the cab.”
Six words and she had me under her spell.
She’ll keep her mouth shut, right? God I hope so. Nobody, especially Linc, can ever find out that I broke the bro code and slept with his ex-girlfriend, Abby.
Everything was going great, until a few months later when she called and said the two words that set me up for the biggest fight of my life – “I’m pregnant.”
It’s gonna be a dirty, uphill battle, with high stakes that I can’t afford to lose.
This fight is a matter of life and death.
But it’s completely out of my hands.
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