Cole (Dragon Security #1)

by Glenna Sinclair

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Cole by Glenna Sinclair
Cole is sexy, strong, and powerful enough to protect me…if he didn’t hate my guts.

Peter was an amazing first lover. He was gentle, kind, generous, respectful…everything I’d ever dreamed of in a man.  He promised to take care of me, and with his family’s billions, I knew he’d be able to.
But now he’s dead.
And I’m alone, about to have his baby.
All I want from Peter’s family are answers – about Peter’s death, about the creepy bald man who’s been following me, about the other half of my child’s family.

Oh, but if you ask his brother Cole, I’m just some greedy gold-digger trying to profit from Peter’s death.
Cole might have his brother’s handsome face and blonde hair, but…well...he’s kind of an asshole. Where Peter was sweet, caring, and charming, Cole is military-rigid, angry, and judgmental. He keeps offering me help in this condescending way, like I can’t take care of myself just because I’m broke and pregnant.
Well, I might not have much, but I still have my dignity. And I don’t need any help from a jerk like him…no matter how hot he thinks he is.

Amber is beautiful, smart, funny…and carrying my brother’s baby.

I really don’t know what Peter saw in this girl. I guess she’s pretty gorgeous, but she’s just some random, small-town nobody. And looking at the state of her life (dead-end job, ratty apartment, multicolored rustmobile), I have to wonder if she hasn’t had her eye on my family’s money for a long time.

I know what Peter would do…but I don’t feel any need to rush to her rescue. I mean, my sister wants me to keep Amber safe from her mysterious stalker, but that’s it. I swear. I’m not going to be drawn in by her big doe eyes and lovely face – and definitely not by her stubbornness and sharp tongue.

But yeah…I’d say keeping an eye on her is going to be harder on me than I thought.

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Cole by Glenna Sinclair