Dark Savior: A Dark Bad Boy Romance

by Stella Noir

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Dark Savior: A Dark Bad Boy Romance by Stella Noir
Her sorrow is part of her beauty. But for me the real thrill is to see it fall apart under my touch.
I keep my streets clean. Someone has to do it, because the police won’t do sh*t about these scums. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Mercy is for the weak. I’m tough and relentless, without a weak spot.
Until I meet her.
She doesn’t want to be saved, but when she threatens to vanish into the abyss, I can’t help but catch her.
She wasn’t part of the plan. I came here to get rid of a problem. Instead, I burden myself with this beautiful dilemma called Meadow.
I can’t f*ck her troubles away forever, though, can I?

There’s nothing left for me to live for. I’m all alone, lost – done. Leaving everything behind seems to be the only option.
But when I try to disappear, he shows up to catch me.
Tall, strong and sinister - just the kind of man I should be afraid of. He takes care of me in his own way. He makes me forget.
And he scares the sh*t out of me.
There’s something about him. A dark secret. A somber depth that connects the two of us. He tries to shield me from it, but once that heavy door is opened, I’m faced with an uncomfortable truth that changes everything.

**This is a full length Dark Romance with NO cliffhangers and a HEA. Intended for audiences 18+ & not for the faint-hearted. Contains situations some readers might find objectionable.**

Release Special : Contains bonus novel CAUGHT: A Hitman Romance . Dark Savior ends at approximately 55%.

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Dark Savior: A Dark Bad Boy Romance by Stella Noir