THE NAUGHTY ONES: The Complete 5-Books Series

by Kristina Weaver

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THE NAUGHTY ONES: The Complete 5-Books Series by Kristina Weaver

Enjoy 5 Standalone, full length books in this bundle.
More than 250,000 words.
Approximately 1,000 pages.

I’m pregnant. I don’t know the man who got me this way and I have no clue how to find him. All I remember from that one night before waking alone in a hotel room with a rose on my pillow are piercing grey eyes and a mouth that did wicked, wonderful things to me. I need to find him and I will. My friends, The Naughty ones as gram calls us, and I are going to crash every rich blood social event this city has to offer for however long it takes until I discover who the father of my baby is. I just hope he remembers me and that the one night we shared can be more than pleasure and fond memories.

I fell in love with Cage, fell hard and I so did not see it coming when he left me behind a broken shell with a pink wedding dress on order. I may have a broken heart but I still have one dream left. Motherhood. So this gal’s going solo and getting n the mommy wagon and Cage can kiss my grits.

I didn’t expect to see the first man to stir my pot coming my way at the exact time my parents would be trying to marry me off to some idiot I don’t even like. The worst part? Paul Summers, my crush, the hottest man alive also happens to be the cousin of the man I’m half engaged to. I don’t know how I’m going to pull this off but somehow, someway I will have my once in a lifetime fling with Paul and escape the marriage noose tightening around my neck.

I met Markus Marks the first day of college and gave him my heart before we’d even said hello. He was my one, my first and last love and I thought it would be forever. Too bad for this girl his hello became good bye all too soon and I was left knowing one thing. I will never love again and risk the pain I felt when he left. Now he’s back and he wants a quick fling for old time’s sake? We’ll just see about that.

I can’t stop thinking about Brentwood Jones. Can’t stop dreaming about him and those wicked green eyes and the way he seems to move as if he’s stalking his prey. I want to be that prey and end up all over him. The problem is though that he doesn’t seem to see anything but my tattoos, loud mouth and never die attitude. I want him to be the man to see past it all and want me, the real me so when we end up having one night together and go form Naughty to wicked I think he’s finally discovered that I’m the one he’s been searching for. I think. I’m wrong. Turns out good old Woody doesn’t see me at all and for that I’m determined to make him want me before I drop him like yesterday’s drawers.

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THE NAUGHTY ONES: The Complete 5-Books Series by Kristina Weaver