Her Virgin Secret

by Lila Younger

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Her Virgin Secret by Lila Younger
Why oh why did it have to be him?

I know what you're thinking. How did she manage to make it to the last semester of college without giving away her V-card?
It wasn't my intention I swear. It's just... there was this one man that I compared every college guy to. One man that made all of those boys fall short.
My dad's best friend, Mark.
Where do I begin? With the smoldering dark eyes that can turn my legs to jelly? Or the body that had to have been cut from granite? No, it had to be that smile, that smile that says he knows just what to do to satisfy Every. Last. Dirty . Fantasy. I have.
And believe me, as a virgin, all I've got are fantasies.

Now I have someone to make them all come true.
Only thing is, you can't keep a baby a secret...

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  • new adult 7
  • contemporary 6
  • virgin heroine 3
  • pregnancy 3
  • forbidden love 3
  • age difference 2
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Her Virgin Secret by Lila Younger