Detour (Beautiful Biker #1)

by D.D. Prince

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Detour by D.D. Prince
Love an over-the-top possessive dirty-talking book boyfriend who is an alpha male biker without being an alpha-hole? You need to meet Deacon.

Contains: smokin' hot steamy scenes, romance, drunk texting, erotic spankings, a battery-operated boyfriend, dirty-talking, shoe shot-put, celebrity and puppet impersonations, a soft drink war, pudding shooters, laughs, tears, a bit of darkness.

Oh... and an HEA.

Deacon is a beautiful biker who sets eyes on his girl and decides he's going to go to any lengths to:

-make her his and only his.
-keep her safe amid some very amped circumstances with his MC and a rival club.
-give her a wild ride on the way toward happily ever after.

Detour is the first book in a set of standalone but linked love stories about the Dominion Brotherhood MC.

Meet Deacon :
He’s 28, tall, dark, gorgeous, and 100% alpha male. In the relationship department, things either go one way or the other. He either shows them a good time and moves on, never going back for seconds, or he stakes a claim and things get serious REAL fast. It’s been a long while since he’s been motivated to claim anyone. Deacon has what some might classify a problem with possessiveness and jealousy. But he's got good reasons for this. And when he does stake his claim, he means it. And he allows no one to mess with that.

Meet Ella. :
Ella, 23, feels like the Marilyn Munster of her eclectic household. Despite her crazy hippie parents and rambunctious little brother, her life is boring and humdrum. And her love life is so far off the mark that she considers herself in a serious relationship with her battery-operated boyfriend. She’s having trouble shaking off an ex that won’t go away and fending off her partying friends who continually hassle her to either party with them or be their designated driver.

But things are about to get real for Ella. Real fast.

Very soon after she notices the new Beautiful Biker in town she finds herself in a real pickle. In fact, Ella keeps finding herself in trouble. And Deacon, whose MC has just opened a chapter, biker bar, and garage in Ella’s town, (much to the chagrin of an existing rival MC), notices Ella, too. Deacon keeps swooping in to save Ella’s bacon from a variety of tight spots.

And because of that, it draws even further attention to her. Someone or several someones want revenge against Deacon and his MC and don’t mind using a biker's woman to make their point.

Ella has been warned away from Deacon. And she worries that her heart will go SPLAT if she lets the beautiful biker get too close.

But it’s too late. Ella has no choice because Deacon is determined to get right in her space.

This book contains a hot alpha book boyfriend, steamy hot scenes, some laughs, and plenty of biker romance action. And because it comes from the brain of DD Prince, it has a little bit of darkness, too.
Standalone, no cliffhanger.

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Detour by D.D. Prince