Dark Warrior's Destiny (The Children of the Gods, #9)

by I.T. Lucas

4.38 · 8 ratings · Published: Nov 21st, 2016  | 

Dark Warrior's Destiny by I.T. Lucas

The new ghost in Nathalie's head remembers who he was in life, providing Andrew and her with indisputable proof that he is real and not a figment of her imagination. 
Convinced that she is a Dormant, Andrew decides to go forward with his transition immediately after the rescue mission at the Doomers' HQ.
Fearing for his life, Nathalie pleads with him to reconsider. She'd rather spend the rest of her mortal days with Andrew than risk what they have for the fickle promise of immortality.
While the clan gets ready for battle, Carol gets help from an unlikely ally. Sebastian's second-in-command can no longer ignore the torment she suffers at the hands of his commander and offers to help her, but only if she agrees to his terms.

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Dark Warrior's Destiny by I.T. Lucas