Fairytales Slashed: Volume 2 (Fairytales Slashed #2)

by Megan Derr, Sasha L. Miller

4.13 · 8 ratings · Published: Dec 1st, 2010  | 

Fairytales Slashed: Volume 2 by Megan Derr, Sasha L. Miller
In this second volume of fairytales, see what happens when magic is put to the best and worst of uses. In The Beast, a beautiful but spoiled young man is attacked by a dark faerie seeking vengeance... vengeance that destroys the young man's world, and leaves him hideously disfigured and afflicted by a terrible curse... The Wizard's Tower is the story of a soldier who receives a letter informing him his brother has gone missing, one of many victims of an evil wizard. But when he arrives in the village where his brother lives, all that remains of the wizard is a lone tower and a strange young man... The Huntsman faithfully serves his King, guarding the forest that surrounds and protects the castle. But the peace his kingdom has long enjoyed is shattered when the King returns home early with a new Queen on his arm, a woman of great beauty and terrible magic... Sleeping Beauty tells the story of a poor, young teacher desperate to save his sister, the only family he has left. But her disease is rare, and the cure beyond their means, and the only chance at saving her requires a terrible price...

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Fairytales Slashed: Volume 2 by Megan Derr, Sasha L. Miller