Dinner at The Beach House Hotel (Beach House Hotel #3)

by Judith Keim

4.25 · 8 ratings · Published: Dec 8th, 2016  | 

Dinner at The Beach House Hotel by Judith Keim
The Beach House Hotel, the seaside mansion Ann Rutherford and Rhonda DelMonte converted to an upscale boutique hotel, continues to be a success. Not only is it the spot for breakfast and lunch, it’s become the “IN place” for dinner. However, they still face many challenges. With the sudden death of Robert and Kandie, Ann and Vaughn decide to raise their son, Robbie, to help relieve Ann’s daughter, Liz, of the responsibility she thought she’d never have. And Rhonda becomes both a mother and grandmother. But the hotel is their baby—their pride and joy—even as they recognize the need to hire a general manager when their own families grow in ways they never expected. Then, Vaughn’s plane is lost on a fishing trip in Alaska, and Ann is devastated to think she might lose him. When investors want to buy the hotel, Ann and Rhonda are faced with even bigger decisions. But they know, no matter what they choose, their love and friendship will endure.

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Dinner at The Beach House Hotel by Judith Keim