Love in the Woods

by Gen Summercolt

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Love in the Woods by Gen Summercolt
After a new promotion, looming deadlines, and soul crushing stacks of paperwork lead to a nervous breakdown, young office warrior Aaron decides he needs to find a way to relax. He heads off into the woods, with as much expensive new camping equipment as he can carry. He is ready to find inner peace. Really become one with nature. Except, it all gets off to a bad start when he mangles his tent trying to set it up, scatters the rest of his gear, and only manages to stress himself out worse than ever. Lucky for him, Chase—a big, rugged, experienced woodsman—happens along to help him out. Perfectly at home in the mountains, Chase is more than happy to share camping tips, show Aaron around the forest, and teach him how to really, really relax. Warning: This is an adult work of fiction and contains scenes of graphic intimacy.

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Love in the Woods by Gen Summercolt