When You're a Stranger

by Akash Justin Ovian

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When You're a Stranger by Akash Justin Ovian
Rodney is an unemployed graduate who was recently evicted by his landlord. He believes his life is being crushed under the anxiety caused by his education loan. He finds comfort and strength in his chronic alcoholism and strongly holds on to his crystallized idea that love is nothing but a fancy word used by society to rationalize the raw animalistic drive of sexual attraction.

Prisha is a passionate street artist who relies on sensuality and marijuana to channel her creative energies. She is also a lesbian who is struggling to define her identity in an evolving but insensitive generation of human beings.

When these two people meet over a dangerous dance of whiskey and vodka, they begin to discover the complicated art of forgetting the past and ignoring the future. It doesn't take long for their stubborn faith in the predictability of life to change into a painful pursuit of affection, belonging, and sexual identity.

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When You're a Stranger by Akash Justin Ovian