Love in the Air

by Barbara Morgenroth

3.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Feb 1st, 2011  | 

Love in the Air by Barbara Morgenroth
Pan Carlisle loves to fly; it's pilots she doesn't trust. Pilots are brash, brazen, foolhardy, and altogether troublesome. They fly off and don't return, leaving broken hearts behind. When Alex Milne, fresh from military service and a helicopter crash in Afghanistan, lands in the middle of the Carlisles' vintage aircraft museum, Pan wants no part of his flyboy demeanor.

But Pan is struggling to keep her father's vintage aircraft museum airborne, and she needs pilots. Alex has an appreciation and knowledge of World War I aircraft, so accepting his help in an air show is sensible. How long can good sense last when attraction is heightened by altitude and attitude? Can Alex commit to the future when hard contact with the ground taught him the present is all there is?

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Love in the Air by Barbara Morgenroth