San Francisco Serenade

by Kathleen Fuller

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 30th, 2005  | 

San Francisco Serenade by Kathleen Fuller
Gazing at the beautifully dressed people swaying to the music, Jillian Sanders smiled in awe. Through the sea of graceful dancers she locked eyes with the most handsome man she'd ever seen. As if my magic, he crossed the floor and asked her to dance. Their true identities unknown, Jillian and her handsome man enjoy just one brief dance before Jillian was informed of her father's death. Abruptly, in a state of shock, she departs without ever finding out the name of her mystery man...

Six months later, Jillian and her brother Roland, the new head of Sanders Shipping after her father's death, move to San Francisco to open a U.S. branch of the company. Much to her surprise and dismay, Jillian is reacquainted with her anonymous dance partner. He turns out to be Ethan Vincent, part owner of Vincent & Son Shipping, Sanders Shipping's biggest U.S. competition.

Jillian takes on the responsibility of running the company while also trying to fight her burgeoning feelings for Ethan. He has the power to destroy her company while also gaining her heart.

This delightful tale brings to new life the idea of mixing business with pleasure - and the stake your heart can have in any transaction.

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San Francisco Serenade by Kathleen Fuller