Cursed by Moonlight (Torrid Tarot Series)

by Melissa Lopez

2.00 · 1 ratings · Published: May 9th, 2008  | 

Cursed by Moonlight (Torrid Tarot Series) by Melissa Lopez
By day, Alric is a fearless protector, ruling his people with a fair hand. But when the full moon rises, he becomes that which he hates…a beast whose ferocious impulses he can’t control. Alric is desperate to find an end to his curse. A mysterious old crone has hinted that he must free himself. But Alric isn’t sure. A superstitious, nomadic people have moved onto his lands and there’s a woman with them…a woman whose scent calls to him in the long, dark hours of night. His people call her a witch but Alric recognizes her as his salvation. His wolf claws to get to her and his desire and despair nearly bring him to his knees.

Still he resists.

When Alric finds himself hunting a feral werewolf and his beast unravels, he’s finally convinced that he must do something or lose his humanity forever. There’s little doubt their mating will bring them mortal danger, sending ripples of fear through their people. But Alric is determined to touch her skin and drag her intoxicating scent deep into his lungs.

And damn the consequences.

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Cursed by Moonlight (Torrid Tarot Series) by Melissa Lopez