Blood Trackers

by Val Edward Simone

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 25th, 2010  | 

Blood Trackers by Val Edward Simone
ARREST IS WARRANTED. REVENGE IS REQUIRED. PURSUIT IS A MUST. AND IF YOU SURVIVE THE LAUGHTER, YOU JUST MIGHT GET OUT OF THIS ALIVE! It's 2080. Angelica Sanchez has just escaped from a watery would-be grave. First she needs to heal. Then she needs some payback. Ira Greer, Angelica's ex-lover, shot her and left her for dead and she is now determined to put more than just a few rounds into him in response. Along with fellow former blood tracker Jeremiah "Sandman" Stone, Ira Greer is in hot pursuit of Tyson Dumont, the former head of the Eternal Corporation, now a fugitive on the run. As they are closing in on Dumont, they learn that Angelica has come to town to "reconnect" with Ira. There's only one problem. Angelica is still in love with Ira. So what's a girl to do? Well, as Angelica puts it: "You know what they say: 'You always shoot the one you love.'" Prepare yourself for a crazy romp across borders that will leave bodies in the streets and you breathless-all for the sake of dysfunctional love! It's the Revenge of an Angel.

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Blood Trackers by Val Edward Simone