The Enemy Inside (The Captive #1)

by Penelope Marshall

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Dec 6th, 2016  | 

The Enemy Inside by Penelope Marshall
Kenzie thought she had the perfect life—then her parents were murdered…

After Kenzie St. Claire’s parents were found dead in the park, she withdrew from the world. She never set out to become a recluse, but that's how she spends her days, holed up in her home, watching her neighbors with a pair of binoculars. Before she realizes it, two years have passed—but she feels no safer than before.

Zander thought he was taking on a run of the mill bodyguard position…

When ex-SEAL Zander Smith signed up with Stryke Force, he imagined he’d be escorting stuffy billionaires to conferences. Never did he expect to meet Kenzie, a beautiful girl too scared of the outside world to risk leaving the safety of her mansion, even if there was a crazed killer lurking inside.

Kenzie immediately feels safe with her new bodyguard, and is eager to spend more time with him, but then there’s a knock at her door…

At first Kenzie feels lucky to have been asked out by both the wildly handsome football player next door, Ty Crenshaw, and the hot ex-SEAL she hired to protect her, but the excitement is short lived when clues point to one of them having a few skeletons in his closet. Murderous skeletons, that is.

One of Kenzie’s suitors has an ulterior motive, of that she’s sure, and she has to unveil the wolf in sheep’s clothing before it’s too late.

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The Enemy Inside by Penelope Marshall