Snowed-In Hottie (Forbidden Hotties #4)

by Claire Madden

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Snowed-In Hottie by Claire Madden
Matt hadn’t always been an asshole.

I don’t know what happened between the time our parents got married when we were twelve, and high school, but he’d completely changed into the dickwad I knew him as now. He’d made my life a living hell growing up, and because of him I’d never realized my own self-worth until I left for college. Now that I’m stuck with him alone for our annual family ski trip he thinks he can sweet talk me into giving him a second chance, but as far as I’m concerned he can take his snowboard and slide off the nearest cliff.

Problem is he’s doing a good job being the Matt I always knew he truly was inside now. If my insides don’t stop flip flopping every time he looks at me I’m going to have a huge problem on my hands.

That can NOT happen.

Like, ever.

I mean, he’s my stepbrother no matter how hot I think he is. I just have to hold out long enough so my heart can’t betray me.

I can do that.



**Homebound Hottie is part of the Forbidden Hotties series of New Adult/ College Romance short stories**

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Snowed-In Hottie by Claire Madden