Love in Florida (American Boyfriend #3)

by Chance Carter

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Love in Florida by Chance Carter
A Quick Read to Leave you Breathless!
A single mom heads down to Florida for a well earned vacation. One night on the beach, while watching the sunset over the ocean, she runs into Paul Brecken. The Paul Brecken! Her favorite actor from television. Before long, he's got his hands all over her, inside her bikini, and he's got ideas she never could have imagined. She's fantasized about this man a thousand times in the privacy of her own bedroom, and now they're alone on the beach, it's getting dark, and he wants to give her a little something to remember him by!

The American Boyfriend Series
Each week, I bring you a sinfully delicious new Book Boyfriend!
In the time it takes to read twenty pages, I promise to get you all worked up!
You become the saucy, feisty girl in each story. Feel what she feels. Taste what she tastes. Do who she does!
This series puts you in the heart of the action, in the heat of the moment, and in the arms of a man who knows exactly what to do with you!

Each story will take place in a different State. If you have any requests or ideas please message me on the Chance Carter Romance Facebook page. I’ll be there every day to listen to you and take note of your wonderfully naughty suggestions.

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Love in Florida by Chance Carter