Falling for My Boss

by Eve Owen

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Falling for My Boss by Eve Owen
‘Ah, isn’t that sweet’
they used to say, whenever I made out that a petite little thing like me was going to mix it with the big boys on Wall Street.

That was back when I had just started in high school. It was cute then. But people don’t do that anymore. They don’t applaud or encourage. Instead they just stare as if trying to work out whether I’m stupid or deluded and, the truth is, I now understand why.

I never did grow much bigger and little girls like me just don’t make it on the brutal trading floors. I might as well apply to the space programme instead because, even if by some miracle I do get offered a job, they will surely make mincemeat of me.

That was my thinking – even before the job offer came.

Depending on how you look at it, I got lucky. My stepbrother has an old friend – a real sweetheart actually – who has worked his way up to management in a trading firm. He’s an old friend of the family and had an intern’s position to fill.

My doubt and anxiety have not left me. I’m terrified that I will crumble and make a fool of myself. From the moment I walk in, all those guys are going to turn around, look me up and down and wonder what the hell am I doing there?

The only fragile hope I have is that I am working under Benjamin. If he takes me under his wing and supports me in getting up to speed, then I might just stand a chance as long as I don’t embarrass him.

I certainly don’t believe that weird story about him being a complete bastard that no one likes. They must have confused him with someone else.

How wrong of me to think so.

Warning: Contains adult scene for adult only.

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Falling for My Boss by Eve Owen