GAY ROMANCE: Mating with Dragons Box Set

by Ponderosa Publishing Books

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GAY ROMANCE: Mating with Dragons Box Set by Ponderosa Publishing Books
An MM MPREG Romance Collection that leaves little to the imagination: Mature Audiences Only!

This series contains the following stories:

Dragon’s Desire - Paranormal MM Dragon Romance by Melissa Snow

If my mom was still alive maybe I would have worked in the Berkley museum
But instead, I find myself in a basement analyzing evidence for crime scenes.
It’s not all that bad.
It’ll help me figure out who the Berkley arsonist is!
Plus, with the help of my new partner, Simon Oskar, who am I to complain?
My precious museum may have burned down but now I get to share a coffee with the sexiest man on the police force.
But little did I know, that our night together would end with more than just cuddling.

Being a dragon can be rather lonely.
What’s the point of having endless wealth with no one to share it with?
That’s why I renounced my dragonhood.
I assimilated into the human world, hoping it would soothe my lonesome soul.
Luckily I found sweet earthly treasures like coffee and Matthew Hughes.
But when my dragon threatens to hurt the ones I love the most, will I once again be left alone?

Deep Dragon Desires - Paranormal MM Dragon Romance by Anya White


Syrenth is a young omega, unsure of himself and quick to apologize for anything and everything. Though he comes from a temperamental clan of fire dragons known as the Inferno tribe, he is not so bold as his relatives.

Young Syrenth has never had a mate. His father quite simply wouldn't allow such a thing. However, everything takes a shift when he meets a tall, handsome alpha ice dragon by the river.

Upon meeting Rasenth, Syrenth pledges to help the older dragon in a time of need, but this pledge turns into something very different as time goes on.


Rasenth is powerful and experienced alpha ice dragon who has fearlessly led his own clan through thick and thin.

But now he is running out of options. His clan is growing too large, and his hunting grounds too scarce.

He attempts to petition the leader of the Inferno tribe for a trade, but then when that fails, he has to look for other means.

He decides to target an unassuming member of the tribe to become his mate.

At first he expected the relationship to be strictly political.

He had never expected to fall head over heels -- or to end up with three young hatchlings.

Fire & Ice - Paranormal MM Dragon Romance by Melissa Snow

After a difficult semester studying abroad, Casey is ready to enjoy his vacation.
Luckily, some time in the icy summits of the southern Alps is just what he needs.
But, what he doesn’t need is an all-consuming blizzard driving him into a dragon’s nest.
Still, when he finds the beast of legend curled up in the back of the cave, curiosity consumes him.
And when that dragon turns into a handsome man with mysterious dark eyes, he can’t help the blush that matches his fiery red hair.
In the end, will he forfeit his definition of reality and venture further into the dragon’s nest?

Countless years searching for a mate and Andries has never found a female to suit his needs.

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GAY ROMANCE: Mating with Dragons Box Set by Ponderosa Publishing Books