Mated Hearts

by Lilly Rayman

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Mated Hearts by Lilly Rayman
Mated Hearts brings together two short stories from Paranormal Romance author Lilly Rayman.
The Last Centaur has Lilly's "Western Flair", and StarCrossed is set in Lilly's home country of Australia and brings a paranormal twist to everyone's favourite Shakespearean tragedy.

The Last Centaur

Tasunke likes to keep to himself on his modest property on Blackfeet Indian Reservation. Breeding horses are his life and livelihood, after all, he understands horses better than people. One day, Tas finds his quiet existence on the remote plains at the foot of the Rocky Mountains being disturbed when he stumbles across a beautiful young woman in need of help.
Paisley is on the run. An abusive boyfriend threatened to kill her. When she overhears him planning to kill someone, she knows he will make good on his threat. In an attempt to make it back to Canada before he can kill her, she finds her car tumbling off the roadside.
Just when she thinks she is about to die, she is rescued by a rugged cowboy. Can Tas keep them both safe from a murderous boyfriend?


Julie Capaldi; senator's daughter and Roman Montana; bikie bad-boy find their eyes meeting across the crowded dance floor of the Verona bar. Their love is instant, their mating forbidden.
StarCrossed is the tragic story of two young wolves destined for each other, yet having to fight their warring families for the chance to be together forever.

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Mated Hearts by Lilly Rayman