Reticence and Redemption (Club Etienne, #5)

by Sari Shepard

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 13th, 2017  | 

Reticence and Redemption by Sari Shepard
In high school, Faith Wyatt was the envy of every girl in town. Reticent, broken and defeated a decade later, she returns to her hometown to confront the specters of days past.

Faith’s journey to redemption is announced by a flight attendant when a mysterious traveler offers his first-class seat. It continues in prophesy by an enchanting, almost blind young pledge to Club Etienne named Trinity.

Juxtapositions pave the path to Faith’s salvation as Trinity’s foresight leads her to discover what really happened before she left Larden—a truth that leads Faith to the true love of Hector Santoro. But as true as their love may be, Faith realizes her actuality lies in Philosophy of Etienne, a fact Hector must come to accept.

With the shroud of deceit lifted, Faith meets Marita, a young impetuous designer with dreams much like her own. With the help of friends and lovers, often one in the same, Faith undertakes the greatest challenge of her life—saving her younger sister.

Joining Club Etienne together, the girls form the closest of bonds and offer the passion of Etienne’s promise to the Masculine Order as the Triad of Faith, Trinity and Marita.

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Reticence and Redemption by Sari Shepard