S.O.S. Del

by LJ Vickery

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S.O.S. Del by LJ Vickery
First book in the S.O.S. series:

Bri’s voice remained steady. “I’m pretty sure I’ve seen enough TV and read enough books to know that you bounty hunter types tuck blades into your boots.”
“Bounty hunters?” Del’s face registered amused distaste. “Is that what you think we are?” He took a few steps forward. “Search and rescue is our job,” he told her. “We find and we save.”
“Well pardon me for not wanting to be found and saved,” she hissed.
“She’s got you there.” A blond, unsmiling giant planted himself next to Del. “And,” he pulled up his pant leg to reveal a knife, “she’s dead on about the blades.”

After the most memorable one night stand of his life, Del has been hired to search for the woman who, months earlier, snuck from his hotel room with no goodbye. When he finds her will she run again, or accept his help against a threat to her life?

Brina Capadella knows all about rich, entitled men. Even if Delancourt Songen doesn’t fit the stereotype, can he be trusted? So what if he checks all the boxes on her perfect-male, wish-list. Bri needs to stay as far away from Del as possible.

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S.O.S. Del by LJ Vickery