USED: Bad Boy Alpha Boss (A Bad Boy Alpha Boss #1)

by Pepper LeMay

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USED: Bad Boy Alpha Boss by Pepper LeMay
I like to have fun and I don’t tend to take my job too seriously. But that was before my hard-ass boss, Andrew Radcliff, decided I should be his new executive assistant. Why did he have to pick me? I’m not even close to executive assistant material.

When I politely turned him down he threatened me with my job. I don’t take threats well so I quit. But he won’t let me quit. Instead he’s now decided I’m going to be his personal assistant. And if I say no he’s going to fire one of my innocent co-workers. Of course I had to say yes.

Now we’re in Hawaii together on a business trip and things are getting intense. His smile is intoxicating and I’m beginning to feel like maybe he isn’t so bad after all. I think I’m about to make another one of my bad decisions and get myself into trouble with my bad boy alpha boss.

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USED: Bad Boy Alpha Boss by Pepper LeMay