The Children Of Lovely Lane (Lovely Lane #2)

by Nadine Dorries

4.44 · 10 ratings · Published: Oct 17th, 2016  | 

The Children Of Lovely Lane by Nadine Dorries

The second book in the Lovely Lane series from Nadine Dorries.

Lily hates the sound of children playing - the ceaseless shouting and laughter and kicking of balls to and fro in the street outside the rough Liverpool tenement where she lives. Somehow those innocent voices seem to make a mockery of her existence - working in a dockside processing plant by day, caring for her younger siblings during her every hour off.

There is a boy who would like to court her, but Lily is too ashamed of where she lives to encourage him. And always she is haunted by fear for her sickly four-year-old brother, Joe. When tragedy strikes, will the nurses in St Angelus Hospital - otherwise known as the Angels of Lovely Lane - be able to save the day?

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The Children Of Lovely Lane by Nadine Dorries