Pin Me Down

by Kris Eton

4.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Jan 19th, 2008  | 

Pin Me Down by Kris Eton
Decades ago, Sasha’s beloved grandmother posed semi-nude as a Vargas Girl pinup model. When the steamy piece of art comes up for auction, she’s determined to keep her vow to obtain the painting at any cost.

Tyler has searched for one special Vargas Girl piece to cap off his collection for years, and when he finds it he’ll do anything to win. When he discovers he’s bidding against an oh-so-tempting Vargas Girl personified, he and his libido have second thoughts.

Passion and loyalty clash as Sasha and Tyler fight over the painting. Determined to honor her grandmother’s request, Sasha isn’t above fighting dirty or manipulating Tyler with her pinup-worthy curves and lush red lips. But Sasha is entirely unprepared for the blowback of emotion when she becomes the target of Tyler’s focused attentions. She’s going to have to decide if family loyalty is worth risking a shot at love.

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Pin Me Down by Kris Eton