Plump (Dexter Vineyard Saga #3)

by Sam Y Cats

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Aug 22nd, 2016  | 

Plump by Sam Y Cats
It is hard to believe that Gunner the middle son of the Dexter family was once a nerd.
Delight in his fun as he's fresh off the tour as the reigning UFC champ Gunner has many dirty times.
Read along as he uses his god-like body to please and bring many willing ladies to their knees. Gunner's good looks, charm and brains makes for an easy submission for most.
Gunner had his rules in place; train hard, stay completely focused and protect your family at all costs. His plans and rules are completely derailed after meeting Sadie Miller, a gorgeous, fierce, single mom with her eye on him.
Gunner will find out just how unprepared he is as he falls hopelessly in love with a woman and her child. But he’s not shying away from the challenge either.
Find out if his rules and family secrets will ruin any chance of having a life with Sadie?

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Plump by Sam Y Cats