Life, Love, And The Racecar Cowboy (The "Life, Love, And..." #4)

by Tina K. Smith

5.00 · 1 ratings · Published: Sep 5th, 2016  | 

Life, Love, And The Racecar Cowboy by Tina K. Smith
Funny and famous NASCAR driver, a Texan named Jason Payne, is married to Teresa Eckleberry's older sister, Tanya, a short, smart and vivacious blonde who challenges Jason's mind and satisfies his every need. Tanya's daughter from a previous marriage, a cute and precocious almost-six-year-old girl named Marina, steals her new Daddy's heart and steals the limelight, as well, becoming famous for her too-honest and too-revealing comments to the media. Marina then steals the hearts of racing fans everywhere when she makes one gut-wrenching plea for her birthday: "Daddy, win the race at Daytona so my first Daddy will see how much better you are than him, and then he'll stop trying to take me away from you and Mommy." Is it possible to be unaffected by the knowledge that the little girl you've grown to love has that much faith in you? Sometimes hard-fought battles are between adversaries, and sometimes, battles are between man and machine. This is a sexy, funny, and happily-ever-after story of making a new life in a new home in Texas with good friends, making a family out of parts and pieces, and making a little girl's dreams come true.

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Life, Love, And The Racecar Cowboy by Tina K. Smith