by Hayden Hunt

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Rocky by Hayden Hunt
I never thought I'd be back here and I never thought it'd be so painful.

The small mountain town where I grew up is full of memories, most of them bad. Memories of my parents forcing their homophobia down my throat, memories of me losing myself to drugs and alcohol... There is only one good memory, the memory of my best friend Will. And my addiction to drugs (mixed with the shame I felt for being gay) ruined our relationship. He's the only man I have ever truly loved.

I never thought I'd see him again. But the death of my old friend, Tyler, brings me back to town. I feel obligated to attend the funeral even though I haven't seen him in years. And in that process, I'm going to have to see Will and face all the trauma of my past that I've avoided for so long. I've moved on from my addictions, I'm a very successful author now with a life that I really enjoy.

But something is still missing. Something will always be missing without Will.

Am I even that important to him?

I didn't expect to see Alex back in our hometown. In all these years, he's never returned, he's never tried to contact me. I thought he was too good for us now that he's a best-selling author. All the things I know about him now I only know from reading his book and he doesn't mention me very much in it.

Then again, his book is mostly about his struggle with his substance abuse. I never knew how bad things got for him after he moved away but his life really spiraled out of control. I always warned him that he was heading down a rocky road but he didn't want to hear it when we were younger. So I lost my best friend, the person I turned to for everything. And I've accepted that I'm probably never going to get that back.

But I still hope I will. With all my heart, I hope I still mean something to him.

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Rocky by Hayden Hunt