Secrets In The Closet

by Caramel Cocayne

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Secrets In The Closet by Caramel Cocayne
How clean is your closet? My name is Genesis Simmons Watson, but most just call me Geni; and I have a few skeletons buried deep in my closet. I’m one of the top accountants for a major firm in Georgia. I know that my life may sound boring to some, but please believe, it’s everything but that. Try sneaky, out for blood, and playing for keeps; that’s what my life is about. I’ve been married to my husband Malachi for five long and miserable years.

Dealing with baby momma drama, and a ratchet family, I’ve finally had enough. I met the handsome and street famous kingpin named Kardea but known in the streets as Kae. We fall in love and I want him; I don’t even care that he’s my husband’s best friend and right hand man. For it to be so wrong, it felt so good. I’m stuck between loving two men. Will I honor my marriage and work things out with Malachi or is Kardea the missing piece to my puzzle for happiness? Get a bottle of wine as I tell you my story. After I’m done, it’ll leave you wondering if your closet is as clean as you think.

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Secrets In The Closet by Caramel Cocayne