A Dark and Stormy Knight

by Bridget Essex

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A Dark and Stormy Knight by Bridget Essex
A warrior woman, a lonely artist, and a love story that's out of this world...

Mara, a painter, lives in a quirky artist community in downtown Buffalo, and though she loves her roommates like family, she has always felt alone. But, each night, a sexy, dark-haired woman haunts her dreams, dreams that almost help her forget the betrayal and pain she's suffered in her life. She paints to block out the bad memories, and in every painting, the woman from her dreams--as if by magic--appears.

One fateful night, Mara rescues a drowning person from the Buffalo River: a beautiful woman with a serious wound who claims to be a knight from another world. The woman's name is Charaxus, and--despite her outlandish story--she inspires longings in Mara that she has never felt before. As her attraction to Charaxus grows, Mara discovers that the mysterious, brooding knight is telling the truth--and that she is the woman Mara has been dreaming about for a lifetime.

But someone dangerous and dark is hunting Charaxus, and is it Mara's fate to lose the woman of her dreams forever?

A DARK AND STORMY KNIGHT is a sexy, romantic novel about overcoming past heartaches and learning to believe in happy endings. This book is set in the same world as A KNIGHT TO REMEMBER, FOREVER AND A KNIGHT, and DATE KNIGHT, but it is a stand-alone book. It is part of Bridget Essex's Knight Legends Series: women knights, real-world high jinks, and love stories that transcend space and time.

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A Dark and Stormy Knight by Bridget Essex