There's Something About Blaire (Dark Romance Series #1.5)

by Anita Gray

4.43 · 7 ratings · Published: Jan 21st, 2017  | 

There's Something About Blaire by Anita Gray
This is not a full length novel: 6k word count. This is a bonus scene from Blaire Dark Romance part 1 in Charlie’s point of View. To truly enjoy this bonus scene, I recommend you read Blaire part 1 first, available on Amazon (kindle and paperback) Kobo and B&N.

Excerpt from the bonus scene--

"She’s as ominous as hell. I can feel how much blood she’s got on her hands.
Why haven’t I shot her already?"

NOTE TO READERS: if you have reviewed Blaire Dark Romance, you do not have to pay for this bonus scene. Please send me your review link via FB or email and I can send you the bonus scene for free.

'There's Something About Blaire' is tagged as:

  • new adult 5
  • contemporary 5
  • dark 2
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There's Something About Blaire by Anita Gray