Mastered by the Mechanic: Sexy Romance Novella (Dash of Dirty #1)

by Ash Harlow

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Mastered by the Mechanic: Sexy Romance Novella by Ash Harlow
He packs more meat than a butcher For one year I’ve lusted myself breathless for Flint. Hard muscle, tattoos, a beard for my pleasure, he’s everything my parents want me to stay right away from.
There’s this fullness in his jeans that attracts your eye, as if the denim can barely contain him. And believe me, there’s nothing junkie about his package. One look and you know what’s going to happen if that thing breaks free— babies all over town with jet black hair and wild gray eyes.
Until yesterday, he was out of my reach.
Today I have a plan. My parents are out of town, my new car’s about to break down, and Flint’s the only mechanic I'm going to call.
I’ve got a special gift for Flint and I don’t intend to return home with it unopened.
Know what I mean?
It's my first time. Wish me luck.

She’s driving this mechanic crazy From the day I met Tiffany she's driven me out of my mind, but she's too pure and innocent for someone like me. Blue collar, ten years older , I'm hardly boyfriend material. So I do my best to avoid her, which is damn near impossible in a small town.
Then she engineers a meeting. Her car's broken down on a back road and I'm the only mechanic she calls.
I've got this.
Tow her car, send the account to her father, and send Tiffany on her way.
But Tiffany offers her own tempting form of payment and if I accept it, I risk losing my business, my home, everything I've worked for.
Even worse, if I turn her down I risk losing Tiffany.

Mastered by the Mechanic is a complete standalone novella filled with instalove, a dirty talking virgin and the blue collar worker who intends to teach her a lesson. Contains filthy language and a high ratio of sexy loving, with an HEA, no cheating, and no other woman drama.

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Mastered by the Mechanic: Sexy Romance Novella by Ash Harlow