Shadows of the Forgotten Throne

by Q.J. Evans

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Shadows of the Forgotten Throne by Q.J. Evans
They called me the Witch Queen in the days that I ruled this wretched world with an iron fist. I raised an army of demons just to destroy all who stand in between me and the Forgotten Throne. I am the one who the Ancient Prophecy spoke about. They think that just because they get a few powerful beings together they can stop me from getting what is rightfully mine. They need to find a worthy powerful opponent to challenge me. If they do find them, I will send their headless bodies back.

The Ancient Prophecy is being fulfilled and Lucy is the only being in all the world powerful enough to stop Sarah, The Witch Queen, who seeks to destroy all that stand in the way of her securing the Forgotten Throne. With the help of The Egyptian Queen, Nef, The Mysterious Lily, and the Half God Trystyn, Lucy must face Sarah in battle to save humanity from a tyrant that wants nothing more than to see the world burn and bathe in ashes. Will Lucy and her army be able to defeat Sarah by protecting the Forgotten Throne and Sword at all costs? Or will Sarah finally rule with an iron fist dominating the world?

This world has no fury like a Witch Queen scorned. Long Live the Queen who shall be the last one standing! The True Shadow of the Forgotten Throne! The True Ruler of all creation!

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Shadows of the Forgotten Throne by Q.J. Evans