Send a Star

by Laura Briggs, Sarah Burgess

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Send a Star by Laura Briggs, Sarah Burgess
As a little girl, avid stargazer Kerri made a special wish on a star. A wish to someday find true love and live happily ever after—the stuff of storybook magic, as grown-up Kerri learns. Stargazing has become more of a career than a passion for Kerri, who now works in a university lab, her dreams of telescopes and observatories laid aside for a quick and sensible career path. Just like her dreams of true love have been replaced by a safe and steady relationship with handsome scientist Paul. Kerri’s life is completely ruled by practicality, it seems.

But then a gift from a secret admirer arrives at Kerri’s door. One that reawakens her love for the night sky and causes her to dig deep into past feelings—and maybe some present ones too—that she’s been ignoring. Perhaps it’s not too late for the stars to bring Kerri the love she wished for so long ago….

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Send a Star by Laura Briggs, Sarah Burgess