Beyond Broadhall (The '86 Fix #2)

by Keith A. Pearson

4.50 · 8 ratings · Published: Feb 3rd, 2017  | 

Beyond Broadhall by Keith A. Pearson
The concluding installment of the acclaimed time-travel novel.
To read the first installment, search for 'The '86 Fix' on Amazon.

After his miraculous weekend in 1986, Craig Pelling returned to a future he could never have envisaged. Even by his own hapless standards, his plans have spectacularly backfired. Everything he tried to fix is now broken, and a bleak, lonely existence is all Craig has to look forward to. Does he face that future, or does he try to seek answers? Either way, an emotional rollercoaster ride beckons. Can Craig can find closure before it ends? Or does fate have a few more twists in store for him, beyond Broadhall?

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'Beyond Broadhall' is tagged as:

  • science fiction 5
  • time travel 5
  • fantasy 5
  • paranormal 5
  • futuristic 5
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Beyond Broadhall by Keith A. Pearson