Dark Warrior's Legacy (The Children Of The Gods Paranormal Romance #10)

by I. T. Lucas

4.38 · 8 ratings · Published: Mar 12th, 2017  | 

Dark Warrior's Legacy by I. T. Lucas
Andrew's acclimation to his post-transition body isn't easy. His senses are sharper, he's bigger, stronger, and hungrier. Nathalie fears that the changes in the man she loves are more than physical. Measuring up to this new version of him is going to be a challenge.
Carol and Robert are disillusioned with each other. They are not destined mates, and love is not on the horizon. When Robert's three months are up, he might be left with nothing to show for his sacrifice.
Lana contacts Anandur with disturbing news; the yacht and its human cargo are in Mexico. Kian must find a way to apprehend Alex and rescue the women on board without causing an international incident.

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Dark Warrior's Legacy by I. T. Lucas