Masquerade (Alpha #2)

Nora Ash

4.17 ·
Open door [?] · 6 ratings · Published: 20 Mar 2017

Masquerade by Nora Ash
Leigh is desperate. Her career is in ruins, her dreams shattered—and her nights haunted by the memory of a man she shouldn’t want.
When an exclusive invitation to partake in Mattenburg’s annual Masquerade drops through her letterbox, she sees a chance to take back control over her life. If she can find a good scoop, she’ll have her job back in no time—and her mind firmly off the stranger who claimed her so completely before disappearing into the night.
But gilded invitations don’t come for free, and Leigh’s about to find out just how steep the price for entering the Masquerade will be...

Masquerade is the second book in Nora Ash’s dirty, suspense-filled Omegaverse serial. Want your alphas dominating and your romance scorching? This is the story for you.
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