Her Baseborn Bridegroom (Vawdrey Brothers #1)

Alice Coldbreath

4.02 ·
Explicit open door [?] · 117 ratings · Published: 22 Aug 2017

Her Baseborn Bridegroom by Alice Coldbreath
Lady Linnet Cadwallader has been raised a helpless invalid in her own castle. Brought up to believe she will 'never make old bones' she lives a quiet and lonely existence, hiding away her excessive freckles and red hair from a world that believes her to be hideously misshapen and ugly.

Until one day her uncle arranges a marriage of convenience for her, a marriage in name only with a young puppet groom... but Sir Roland does not show up. In his place turns up his base-born brother Mason Vawdrey. And dark, forceful Mason is no-one's puppet.

Things are about to get interesting at Cadwallader Castle. And Linnet is about to discover that maybe a golden leopardess does not need to change her glorious spots.

This is a full length novel of over 80,000 words set in a medieval style landscape in the fictional kingdom of Karadok. Please do not purchase if you are offended by strong language and or sex scenes.

This is a new release of an edition previously published by Alice Coldbreath.
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