Unchained Beauty (Deadly Beauties Live On #5)

C.M. Owens

4.88 ·
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Unchained Beauty by C.M. Owens
I've spent my life thinking I knew the worst that could happen.

Battles come and go. Wars are almost always won in the end. It's easy to grow complacent and forget even the deadliest should glance over their shoulder from time to time.

We thought we had it all figured out.

We were poised for this win before we even went to battle.

We didn't win. We didn't lose.
We thought a demon would be easier to kill, because it's “just” a demon.
Now we're dealing with the mess from our latest failure.

Meanwhile, I'm still trying to do something other than be the biggest disappointment of all, searching for my place while avoiding the one man who could possibly kill me, if he wasn't so busy constantly saving me. My "hero" happens to be my family's enemy, despite the uneasy, temporary truce between us as we combine forces to work against a common enemy.

The enemy of my enemy shouldn't be more than that. Really, he shouldn't. Slade is a terrible person who has done terrible things since he's been freed. Nothing he can do can redeem himself. At least that should be the truth of it.

Just when we think we have it all figured out again...everything changes.

For once in our entire existence, it may not matter who the deadliest is, because all the rules are being broken.

**Should be read as part of the series and not a stand-alone
**Sexual situations/content
**Language warning
**Final book of the series
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