Billionaires' Indulgence — Box Set (Part 1-5): Ménage Romance (Bad Boy’s Infatuation Series)

by Scarlett Avery

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Billionaires' Indulgence — Box Set  (Part 1-5): Ménage Romance  (Bad Boy’s Infatuation Series) by Scarlett Avery
From an Amazon Bestselling Author “who knows how write raw, powerful and a fast paced ride.” (Patricia Fox) comes a “panty-melter that’s too hot to handle” Ménage Romance/ Billionaire Romance with over 1,500 five-star ratings on Goodreads and Amazon: A Desperate Woman. Two Billionaires and Strapping Alpha Males. One Girl Looking For A Fresh Start. A Heck of A Wild Ride—Giddy up…

Snap Shot: Hold on tight. This SMOKING HOT Alpha Male Ménage is also a Billionaire Romance. This wild ride of a story is full of surprises, twists and turns that will leave you on the edge of your seat right until you hit the HEA!

***POV from all 3 main characters.***

Billionaires' Indulgence Part 1: Undeniable Attraction

Down on her luck, twenty-three year old Allison Randal finds herself without a boyfriend, a home or a job within a matter of weeks.

Desperate, the chaos in her life sends her seeking refuge in her best friend’s basement. She needs space and time to pick up the pieces of her shattered life and to find the courage to start over.

Just when she thinks her entire existence is sinking faster than the Titanic she receives life-changing news that has her leaving New York for Denver.

Unbeknownst to her, she’s about to experience the most heart-stopping, mind-blowing and jaw-dropping adventure of her life.

Why have one cowboy when you can have two, right?

Billionaires' Indulgence Part 2: Pure Lust

Allison’s first day at her new job in Colorado turns out to be far more exciting than she could have ever possibly imagined.

Not only has she been able to land her dream job working side-by-side with one of her idols, but she'll also be working in very close proximity to two dangerously hot, incredibly rugged and outrageously seductive men.

A recent bad break-up and years of shitty boyfriends have eaten away at Allison’s willingness to ward off the advances of her boss’ older brother.

After a night of toe-curling passion, she never imagined she'd be caught red-handed and guilty as sin.

Billionaires' Indulgence Part 3: Wicked

Intoxicated by the fact that two strapping and gorgeous men want her so desperately, Allison throws caution to the wind and indulges wholeheartedly.

Has her hunger for pleasure pushed her once again in a compromising situation? And this time, will she be able to get away with it as easily?

Just when you think Allison’s blissful adventures of ecstasy can't get any steamier, they do.

Billionaires' Indulgence Part 4: Craving More

Allison has embarked on the most heart-stopping and toe-curling experiences of her life at the hands of two strapping and gorgeous men who both desperately want her.

In life, when things line up so perfectly well giving you an open window opportunity to step into paradise on earth, it would be a crime not to reach out and grab such a precious gift.

That's exactly what happens to Allison!

Billionaires' Indulgence Part 5: Burning Desire

This last part of this part is an unexpected ride filled with twists and unforeseeable outcomes that will stupefy you.

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Billionaires' Indulgence — Box Set  (Part 1-5): Ménage Romance  (Bad Boy’s Infatuation Series) by Scarlett Avery