Falling for the Jerk (Falling in Love #2)

by Sam Crescent

3.00 · 5 ratings · Published: Feb 1st, 2018  | 

Falling for the Jerk by Sam Crescent
Dale and Molly have a rough history. They dated in high school, and when Molly turned up pregnant, everyone rejected her. What the town of Winters Fall doesn’t know is Dale’s the father of both of her children.

Dale keeps trying to do the right thing, but at every turn, Molly rejects his marriage proposals. The tension between them is at a breaking point, and he won’t take no for an answer any longer.

Molly let Dale go so he could live his life, but that didn’t mean she loved him any less. The love she has for him has stopped her from being with anyone else.

Now Dale won’t let her keep their secret any longer. It’s time to put their past behind them and find a future together. He’s been a jerk, but he’s not going to lose the only woman he’s ever loved. Molly is his, and she always has been.

Can these two unlucky love birds finally find their happily ever after? Can they put six years of pain behind them?


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Falling for the Jerk by Sam Crescent