A Highland Sailor (Highland Heartbeats #6)

by Aileen Adams

4.50 · 2 ratings · Published: Apr 13th, 2018  | 

A Highland Sailor by Aileen Adams
Some actions are forever…

Gruff and straight-forward, Broc McFadden has always had one passion. To be on the sea. And then he meets the sister-in-law of his former captain Derek.
He wouldn’t have met her if he hadn’t agreed to help Derek by traveling to a land where he was wanted, which puts him in the clutches of a mortal enemy.

Fierce and loyal, Beatrice cannot sit idly by and watch the Highlander man who’s captured her heart punished unjustly. And yet, she’s betrothed to the Lord Randall a man whose handsomeness rivals his cruelty.

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A Highland Sailor by Aileen Adams