Replay Book 9: Gladiator

by Nia Farrell

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Replay Book 9: Gladiator by Nia Farrell
Greek-born Leda Giannopoulis is a wardrobe assistant at Replay BDSM theme resort where patrons roleplay in the past. Work interferes with participating in scenes, but it doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about being kidnapped. She never expected to be taken, let alone by the international, interracial cadre of four gladiators who live and train at Replay’s new Roman villa.

Sir Djiman is a bisexual Ethiopian personal trainer. Sir Marcus is an Italian photographer. German-born Lukas Arik Haas is a fitness model and aspiring author. Sir Antony, the bisexual Spanish swordmaster and leader of the group, warns her that life with them will be very demanding. Leda will be submitting to four Dominants with very different personalities. Two of them already seem at odds with each other. Leda hopes to be the tie that will bind them, but her kidnapping fantasy might prove to be the very thing that tears them apart.

This book deals with subjects that include bullying and unsolved murder and may contain triggers. An interracial, international MMFMM BDSM ménage a cinco, written for Ages 18+.

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Replay Book 9: Gladiator by Nia Farrell