WILD CHILD: The Wylde Ones MC

by Naomi West

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WILD CHILD: The Wylde Ones MC by Naomi West
She’s the teacher, but I’m the one about to teach her a lesson:
Never deny me what I want.
So when I say I want her to bear my baby, there’s only one answer I want to hear:
“Yes, Mr. Wylde.”

I’m the president of the Wylde Ones MC, but it isn’t enough to have my name on the club.
I won’t be president forever.
And when I go, I want an heir to my throne.

I could wait and let fate dictate who that heir will be.
But I’ve never been one to leave things to chance.

I’ve made up my mind.
This is what’s going to happen:

I’m going to have Lena.
And Lena’s going to have my baby.

No matter what denials come from those pretty pink lips.
No matter how much she moans or protests.
I’m going to show her she needs my body just as much as I need hers.

But I can’t forget that she’s just a tool. A means to an end.
I refuse to let myself get tangled up in the process.

This is strictly a business transaction.
And I intend to transact with Lena again, and again, and again…

WILD CHILD is a standalone contemporary bad boy baby heist romance. It features hot sex between consenting adults. It also includes bonus novels so you don't have to stop reading!

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WILD CHILD: The Wylde Ones MC by Naomi West