Lowkey Lovin' A Boss 2

by R. Michelle

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Lowkey Lovin' A Boss 2 by R. Michelle
With Saiyah’s surgery pending, Maceo’s mind is working overtime to find out who tried to take away the love of his life. There are only two people who hate Maceo and Saiyah; Drew and Londo. Not knowing where neither are, Maceo is back to the drawing board, searching for the person. And with the Convention on hold, Maceo has nothing but time to eliminate those who are trying to eliminate him and everything he’s built.

Mario has been through his fair share of changes, but nothing could prepare him for the words that his girlfriend drops on him. The blow to his heart is one that he never expected. Severing all ties with her is what is necessary, but his heart has always belonged to this one girl, and maybe that’s the problem, he needed a woman to handle his love.

Erian heart is filled with nothing but hate and envy. With no real reason to feel the way she does, she does the unthinkable, ultimately jeopardizing everything, including her life. With so many secrets looming over her head, Erian continues to place blame on everyone around her.

With all the drama that’s brewing, friends to foes, and no one can be trusted. Everybody around the Reed Brothers has them questioning their motives. The only thing certain in their lives is each other.

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Lowkey Lovin' A Boss 2 by R. Michelle