Cursed Superheroes: Undead (Cursed Superheroes #3)

by Jessica Sorensen

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Cursed Superheroes: Undead by Jessica Sorensen
Ava is Leader’s next project, his soon-to-be half zombie. All he has to do is wait for August, his only successful zombie experiment, to bring her back to the facility. In the meantime, he plans to set out with Remi and Heartley to try to convince a cyborg to be a spy for him.

Remi is struggling with her new reaper powers, constantly craving souls. The only thing that can feed her cravings is the Grim Reaper. Whether Remi wants to admit it or not, she needs Cameron. So, when Leader says she has to complete a mission in the real world without Cameron’s help, she worries things aren’t going to end well.

Then there’s Ava. She’s spent most of her life being raised by her grandma, who not only uses her, but betrayed her. Things only get worse for Ava the day she turns eighteen, when she meets a zombie, who is strangely gorgeous, and a figure with red eyes who wants to hurt her.

But everyone’s plans and futures shift when Ava’s curse doesn’t work out like Leader planned.

Can Ava be saved? Or will Leader’s superhero team be short a member?

A novella series. Approx. 20,000 words

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Cursed Superheroes: Undead by Jessica Sorensen